Rig Owner

    Customers in the offshore oil and gas business depend on a global technology solution to manage essential business communications, monitor and maintain their highly complex operations, and dependable digital crew welfare programs.

    ITC Global provides end-to-end satellite-based IT communications solutions customized for the unique requirements of rig owners.

    We Keep You Connected

    We see it repeatedly; burned out, intelligent leaders who are frustrated because they are unable to do what they are hired to do. They are tasked to manage and work with an IT infrastructure that is working against them, costing your business time, money, energy, and increasing risk.

    Our clients no longer waste valuable resources on IT management. Our clients have invested in ITC Global to securely and reliably keep them connected as they focus on revenue-generating activities and innovation.

    With ITC Global as Your Managed Services Provider You Can Expect...

    Managed Services
    Better Cost Control
    Better Cost Control
    IT department costs will be absorbed by ITC Global and presented at a fixed cost. Along with the subscription savings, a reliably run IT infrastructure saves you money in the long-run by reducing outages and downtime.
    Higher Productivity
    Higher Productivity
    Have 24/7/365 access to ITC Global engineers and NOC for requests through the Service Desk. Our team will support by performing remote or on-site system administration and request fulfillment.
    Increased Efficiency
    Increased Efficiency
    With proactive monitoring, we can get ahead of foreseeable needs, updates, and issues. From working with your carriers or vendors to implementation of changes, ITC Global anticipates your business challenges and acts to remove roadblocks from your team.
    Powerful Security
    Powerful Security
    Your data will be routinely and securely backed up by ITC Global for rapid restoration in case of system failure, lost, or corrupted data. With closely monitored systems your company will stop starting over because of lost data and instead focus on scaling and staying on top of competitors.
    How it works

    The Plan

    We can help you make the most of your network and infrastructure in 3 simple steps.

    • Initial Call to Understand Your Challenge

      We start with an initial discussion, to find out more about you and your operation. With dedicated workshops, we discover your pain points and goals.

    • Creation of Your Solution

      Your solution is created to meet your connection and infrastructure challenges. We refine your requirements and adjust the design as needed to move towards solution approval.

    • Implementation

      We work diligently to ensure a smooth transition to your new services. After implementation, you have ITC Global’s continued support.