Connecting People, Systems, and Networks Across the Globe

    At ITC Global, we bridge the gap by ensuring your global communications are performing securely and reliably, allowing you to focus on what is important without worrying about your connection, network, or systems.

    Solutions Designed for You

    ITC Global was founded in 2001 to bring the industry-leading connection to developing markets and remote and harsh locations. With a strong network foundation and a focus on the needs of our customers, we have then answered our customers’ questions by increasing our offerings of technical solutions. Now, ITC Global can be your sole IT provider, or augment the professionals and systems you already have in place.

    We offer a range of services from all-inclusive IT management to engineered solutions that fit the specific requirements of each customer. We build our solutions with best-in-class components, proven engineering, and the availability of unparalleled network capacity.

    How we work

    The Plan

    We can help you make the most of your network and infrastructure in 3 simple steps.

    • Initial Call to Understand Your Challenge

      We start with an initial discussion, to find out more about you and your operation. With dedicated workshops, we discover your pain points and goals.

    • Creation of Your Solution

      Your solution is created to meet your connection and infrastructure challenges. We refine your requirements and adjust the design as needed to move towards solution approval.

    • Implementation

      We work diligently to ensure a smooth transition to your new services. After implementation, you have ITC Global’s continued support.

    Specializing in Remote Locations

    We support customers in remote and extreme environments across the globe, from Oil & Gas exploration and production, Cruise operators, commercial maritime, mining operations, and humanitarian aid. Taking a technologically agnostic approach, we ensure that you get the product and service you need to achieve your goals.

    Whether you need us to take over your entire IT operation or provide a comprehensive crew welfare communications solution, ITC Global has the globe-wrapping capacity and the experts to get you up and running.

    ITC Global has been part of the Marlink Group since May 2021. Marlink is a trusted partner in fully managed smart network solutions, based on an intelligent hybrid networks and unrivalled digital solutions. A true partner, which goes Above and Beyond to help you run your remote operations in ever smarter, more profitable and sustainable ways to give you the competitive edge.

    In today’s world, the power to connect your business operations and assets, even in the most remote and challenging places, has never mattered more. At Marlink, we design, build and manage smart network solutions around your individual needs. We provide trusted global coverage, through our intelligent hybrid networks combining satcoms, terrestrial technologies and digital solutions.