When it comes to network security and data protection, there’s no room for error.

    Stay Secure While Operating Remotely

    As cloud-based networks, applications and data become increasingly attractive targets. Having a clear picture of your network environment and keeping security standards updated helps customer networks remain operational. ITC Global will help you navigate the challenging security landscape to understand vulnerabilities and improve the reliability, scalability and performance of your IT and network infrastructure.

    As a leader in network security and incident response, our team delivers highly secure, managed network connectivity to comply with the most stringent security regulations across a variety of mobility and service industry sectors. As threats continue to advance, our team will work with you to drive continuous improvement in your network security posture, via the following methods:

    • Proactive network audit & mitigation plan report
    • Vulnerability assessment & advisory service
    • Penetration testing & remediation planning
    • 24×7 support & advanced security controls to safeguard your network

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    Security That Puts You and Your Data First

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    Penetration Testing & Analysis
    Penetration Testing & Analysis
    In our comprehensive security assessment, our security team experts mirror techniques used by hackers to exploit both technology and human vulnerabilities in your network environment. By identifying areas where defenses are weak and systems and data may be at risk, you have the facts to take action and prevent potential breaches.
    Informed Advisory Service
    Informed Advisory Service
    Our recommendations include both architectural improvements and hardware upgrades, in accordance with the latest technologies. This proactive approach not only protects data and systems but also helps prevent costly incidents impacting your operations. With this assurance, customers can ease the concerns that keep their executives and operations leaders awake at night, knowing that their network is in trusted hands with ITC Global.

    Managed Network Security You Can Trust

    Offload the financial burdens and technical challenges of maintaining an internal security workforce by partnering with ITC Global, the reliable experts in the field. Our security services offer the expertise and value necessary to answer the call of continuously changing industry standards and the evolving cyber threat environment.

    • 24×7 access to technical experts to support your staff with the latest knowledge and capabilities
    • Continuous vigilance against security threats with proven tools and techniques
    • Resources to respond to advanced threats and stay ahead of changing compliance standards
    • Decades of experience in some of the most demanding security applications