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    ITC Global is ready and able to help you incorporate Starlink within your current network, providing you with low-latency, high speed connection to help you achieve digitalisation and operational goals.

    With proven experience and understanding of delivering industry-leading network solutions, ITC Global and the Marlink Group have partnered with Starlink to provide our customers with the benefits of a low-latency connection backed by the Marlink network and our proven support and service.

    With download speeds of up to 250 Mbps, Starlink can augment your current network to enhance your Crew’s experience giving them access to fibre-like speeds and a seamless user experience. Alternatively, we can integrate Starlink within your network to help you achieve your digitalisation goals, prioritising all applications and traffic around your needs.

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    Starlink Solutions

    To ensure you get the most from your network, ITC Global focus on ensuring we can maximise the reliability of your connections while optimising your overall network and applications to focus on helping you achieve your operational goals. To achieve this, every ITC Global Starlink solution includes the following support:

    • Customised network design to help your operations succeed
    • Seamless integration of multiple network providers
    • SD-WAN orchestration to enhance reliability
    • Help prioritising data and consumption
    • Up to the minute customer portal to view all aspects of your network
    • Complete Starlink kit, with options for installation
    • Enhanced network security
    • Dedicated Service Delivery team
    • 24×7 Best-in-class Customer Support & NOC
    • Simplified billing and administration of networks

    Land Solutions to optimise performance and integrate seamlessly

      Managed Land or SD-WAN service packages
    Managed Land or SD-WAN service packages
    Data packages from 1TB to 6TB
    Data packages from 1TB to 6TB

    Mobile & Offshore Solutions to enhance reliability and advance digitalisation

      Managed or SD-WAN packages
    Managed or SD-WAN packages
    Data packages of 1TB or 5TB with single or dual antennas
    Data packages of 1TB or 5TB with single or dual antennas
    Solutions created for the Energy industry

    We design and build your solution by intelligently integrating network and digital solutions, orchestrated via our secure SD-WAN technology, and end2end managed by our network operations centre and customer support to keep your operations and assets running successfully.

    As a leading network integrator, ITC Global has a technology-agnostic strategy for ensuring we can provide you with the connectivity solution that best fits your needs. Partnering with our industry-leading partners, we combine the latest LEO and MEO systems into our proven Smart Hybrid Network solution.