Press Release

    ITC Global Debuts New Brand and Marks Milestone as Top 3 Satellite Network Provider to Remote Industrial Markets

    Yverdon, Switzerland – March 4, 2014 – ITC Global, a leading provider of satellite communications to remote and harsh environments announced today that it has launched a new corporate brand as the final step in bringing a series of recent acquisitions together as a single global company. The firm retains the ITC Global name with a modernized look and feel and a reinforced commitment to customer service. The new brand identity marks a major milestone for ITC Global, which has emerged from a niche player to become among the top 3 satellite communications providers to remote industrial operations, including oil & gas, mining and commercial maritime.

    The new ITC Global brand is part of a broader strategic investment to enhance the company’s ability to serve the emerging needs of its clients. The two year campaign has included a private equity recapitalization and three sizable acquisitions, dramatically expanding the firm’s global coverage and local presence in nearly 40 countries. The re-brand brings the most recent additions to the company under a single global identity, including the July 2013 merger with Newsat Communications of Switzerland and the October 2012 acquisition of Tanzania based Spidersat Communications Limited.

    With nearly 1,500 remote industrial sites deployed across 60 countries and all the world’s oceans, ITC Global is the market share leader in satellite communications to the mining industry, and holds the third largest market share in the offshore oil and gas market. Combined with its local offices and deployed personnel in nearly 40 countries, services on over 30 satellites, and more than 20 teleport interconnections, ITC Global has firmly established itself among the top 3 global service providers for satellite communications to remote industrial markets.

    “Our new brand is much more than just an updated logo and refreshed website,” said David Myers, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President. “A company’s brand is a promise to its customers. Remote industrial operations depend on their communications for productivity and safety. The market has been asking for more emphasis on responsive customer care. ITC Global has grown from a niche player to a market leader by knowing that we must earn our clients’ business each and every day. Our new brand reflects our dedication to delivering innovative satellite communications solutions and backing them with exemplary customer service.”