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    ITC Global applauds returns from Chapter 11

    Houston TX, March 15 2021 – ITC Global has today acknowledged the important role Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection is playing in the satellite communications industry.

    Ian Dawkins, CEO of ITC Global, said, “There have been a lot of companies in and out of Chapter 11 recently, both our customers and our competitors. It shows what a tough environment we’re working in.

    “It’s always good news when companies come out of bankruptcy protection, not least for their customers who have been trapped while suppliers restructure their debts.

    “Those customers can now have a proper look at how far the industry has progressed while their suppliers have been focused on internal restructuring, to make sure they have the highest quality and best value service available.

    “We’ll be talking to many people in the coming weeks, to explain how ITC Global can help improve their communications services while reducing costs.”

    ITC Global is in the final stages of becoming a business unit in the Marlink Group. The details will be announced shortly.



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