Enabling collaboration across non-profits and companies serving communities around the world with information technology solutions, NetHope and its partner organizations received connectivity capabilities from ITC Global in responding to the West African Ebola crisis.

    Disaster Relief

    Custom connectivity capabilities while responding to the West African Ebola crisis.

    • Requirements

      Communications technology supporting first responders serving West African communities impacted by the Ebola epidemic

      Rapid deployment of solution as crisis situation unfolded

    • Solution

      Discounted and free equipment and network services provided for extended use to multiple NetHope organizations throughout the duration of the epidemic.

      Equipment including a C-band system and Ku-band trailer system.

      Standard bandwidth packages

    • Outcome

      Established connectivity for those struggling to support the critical nature of the situation

      Facilitated an expedited response and helped make deployments possible

      Ultimately enabled delivery coordination for healthcare services, food, water, shelter services and critical data transmission for research and measures to contain the outbreak