ITC Global has a long-standing relationship providing voice and high-speed data services to a U.S. oil and gas services company, based in the Gulf of Mexico, that provides global offshore services in well intervention operations. The company’s focus on deep water services, and its leadership in well-interventions, subsea contracting, and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), drove a critical need for real-time monitoring of its operations.

    With ITC Global established as a reliable connectivity and technology partner, the company requested support to enable comprehensive wellhead monitoring.

    Real-time video streaming

    Allowing for 24/7 surveillance and monitoring.

    • Requirements

      Video streaming to enable wellhead monitoring for offsite operation

      Live streaming of HD-quality subsea video from ROV cameras across all assets

      Easily accessible video content for 24/7 visibility from anywhere

      Quick turnaround to meet health, safety, and environment (HSE) operations monitoring requirements

    • Solution

      Comprehensive remote video streaming (RVS) service from ITC Global

      Secure access to 24/7 surveillance of subsea operations, delivered via user-friendly internet-based platform

      High availability connectivity throughout oil field site to support customer applications including corporate networking, and operations surveillance and monitoring

      Real-time enabled cameras for incident response activities

    • Outcome

      Activated service within 24 hours of the request to give the customer access to secure, real-time subsea video streaming

      Instant, remote access, made available through the internet

      Capability to monitor subsea operations, visually diagnose problems and implement solutions in real-time

      Improved troubleshooting and decision-making from both the remote site and corporate office

      Collaboration between remote personnel and technical experts

      Reduced costs and frequency related to dispatching personnel to remote sites

      Addressed regulatory oversight and enforcement related to monitoring as well as HSE initiatives

      Ability to meet and manage government regulatory requirements for offshore operations