For more than four years, ITC Global has provided VSAT services to the Red Cross in support of its disaster relief efforts. In 2015, ITC Global provided critical communications during response efforts for crises in the Philippines, Sierra Leone, and in Nepal, following the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

    Disaster Relief

    Providing connection when it's needed most.

    • Requirements

      Always-on VSAT service that enables the disaster relief organization to quickly respond to emergencies and natural disasters around the world

      The Spanish Red Cross Emergency Response Unit (ERU) in Kalikasthan, a remote region in Western Nepal, required a quick-deploy communications network in the aftermath of the earthquake

    • Solution

      Reliable internet, Wi-Fi and VoIP services

      Additional NOC support for critical VSAT set-up outside the scope of typical disaster recovery communications support

    • Support Services & Training Commitment

      ITC Global maintains a long-standing partnership with the Red Cross and its ERU teams around the world. Our staff has coordinated free equipment and NOC support for Red Cross ERU training, providing extra support to help troubleshoot and work through real-world field communications set-up