A leading global resources company was seeking to develop its flagship Iron Ore Project, which straddles the border of Cameroon and the Republic of Congo in Central Africa. The organization was headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, home to many world-class iron ore miners. ITC Global provided the customer with a custom engineered satellite communications solution that was tailored to the requirements of the organization’s mobile remote field camps.

    Custom Network Solution

    Tailored to the requirements of mobile remote field camps.

    • Requirements

      Communications to corporate offices in Western Australia and between remote camps

      Fully portable, quick to deploy solution to support railway, land acquistion survey activities

      High-availability connectivity for corporate applications and worker amenities along rail line survey routes

      Progress of field activities provided to management team on daily basis

    • Solution

      Custom designed portable VSAT solution utilizing 1.2m auto-deploy antennas and ruggedized data cases

      Bandwidth of 1024/512 kbps with customized QoS and VoIP policies

    • Outcome

      Technology platform that can accommodate multiple remote sites and field teams along rail line survey routes

      Enhanced communication and connectivity that supports operational and HSE requirements