Bridgemans Services Group LP provides floating accommodation vessels for crews working anywhere around the world. Bridgemans’ Silja Europa vessel, deployed off the northwest coast of Australia, holds up to 220 crew members and leverages ITC Global for reliable communications capabilities.

    Floatel Communications

    Connecting 220 crew members.

    • Requirements

      Suite of communications services to support crew working remotely on vessel

      Specific needs included a wired network, multiple Wi-Fi networks, and telephony

    • Solution

      Satellite data links and VoIP services

      Equipment including two 2.4m SeaTel antennas, satellite modems, and other networking equipment

      Installation and commissioning of primary C-band antenna and secondary C/Ku-band antenna

    • Outcome

      Services deployed via latest-generation hub system

      Established connectivity via high-speed data link, meeting customer requirement of minimum 40 mbps down and 10 mbps up