ITC Global provides a custom-designed communications solution to one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies operating in nearly 100 countries. The organization is active in all areas of the oil and gas industry, including exploration and production, refining, distribution, petrochemicals, and power generation.

    Custom Network

    Designed to meet the high demands of offshore operations.

    • Requirements

      Communications to key Western hemisphere sites in the Gulf of Mexico and Trinidad & Tobago, including rig operations, ROV support vessels, and production and pipeline sites

      High-availability connectivity for corporate applications

      Fully redundant solution to support critical applications in adverse weather

      Solution based on iDirect technology involving a complex transition of incumbent services and technology

    • Solution

      Custom-designed, dual-stack solution delivering 80+ Mbps of bandwidth

      Fully redundant MPLS network connects all teleports to customer’s network

      Combination of stabilized and fixed satellite antenna systems

      Technology platform enables interoperability between regions and dynamic rerouting of traffic

    • Outcome

      Future-proof solution capable of migrating to High Throughput Satellites

      Single technology platform can accommodate different remote sites globally

      Enhanced reliability, throughput and resilience – satellite services for rig operations to maintain 99.99%

      Fully redundant satellite and teleport infrastructure guarantees that the failure of any teleport, terrestrial link or satellite will not result in loss of service