When one of Europe’s largest oil and gas exploration and production companies needed to provide complete network communications for its large and diverse fleet of vessels and shore bases, they turned to ITC Global for a custom engineered global satellite network.

    Global Locations

    • 2 Ultra-deep Drill Ships
    • 7 Semi-submersible Rigs
    • 7 Jack-up Rigs
    • 3 FPSOs
    • 40 Support Vessels
    • 70 Onshore Rigs
    • 56 Shore Bases/Offices

    Custom Network

    Designed to meet the high demands of offshore operations.

    • Requirements

      Diverse environment with multiple types of vessels

      Support mission critical voice and data applications

      Provide crew welfare communications

      Connect vessels to the corporate network

    • Solution

      Combined SCPC links and TDMA private network

      SCPC for larger vessels and remote shore bases

      TDMA for smaller vessels

      150 Mbps of private satellite bandwidth in C and Ku

      Custom on-site antenna systems and equipment

    • Outcome

      Improved “rig to rig” communications

      Remote sites became extension of corporate network

      Common global network across all sites

      150 Mbps of private satellite bandwidth in C and Ku

      Unique bandwidth efficiency shares un-utilized capacity