ITC Global is proud to provide the client with a custom engineered satellite communications solution that is tailored to the unique requirements of their vessels.

    The client is one of the few inspection, repair and maintenance world players able to provide clients with a true one-stop shop service including engineering, project management, ROV services, diving, survey and operating a fleet of high-quality offshore support vessels. They currently operate in four distinct regions across the globe; Africa/Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.

    ITC Global currently supports the diving support vessel, the multi-purpose support vessel and subsea vessel. These vessels act as a base for advanced remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and have been placed in the Gulf of Mexico and North Sea to inspect and repair offshore installations. ITC has developed an end-to-end satellite communications solution tailored to the unique requirements of the customer. The network has been designed to ensure operational integrity, protect personnel and property and provide seamless coverage to sites across the globe.

    • “Communications are critical to providing streaming video for our ROVs (remote operated vehicles). ITC Global takes a proactive approach to recommending innovative designs that improve the quality and cost effectiveness of our service. We actually started to take for granted how well ITC Global’s services work.”

      Vice President of Group Marine Assets
    • “The personal touch and attention to customer service has been excellent, whether it is business hours, afterhours or the weekend. They go above and beyond, and we can even request specific technicians by name.”

      Vessel Manager, Offshore Energy Services Company

    Custom Network

    Designed to meet the high demands of a global fleet of vessels.

    • Requirements

      Extend broadband communications for multi-regional locations

      Upgrade all onboard satellite technology

      Establish secure connection to corporate network

    • Solution

      iDirect X5 VSAT platform to ensure high-efficiency broadband connectivity

      Dual-stabilized satellite antenna systems

      Network ability to be pooled and shared only by client sites in same footprint

      Secure network connection from remote sites to corporate HQ

    • Outcome

      Improved communications speeds over previous solution

      Supports additional voice, video and data applications

      Supports Citrix, HSE and Financial Procurement Corporate Applications for customer and its clients

      Capability to do beam switching