Subsea 7 is a leading global contractor in seabed-to-surface engineering, construction, and services to the offshore energy industry. The organization required a fully managed VSAT system, custom-designed to support crew communications for its globally dispersed vessels.

    Crew Live Solution

    Keeping crew connected to home.

    • Requirements

      High-speed broadband crew internet separate from the corporate network

      Compact equipment that can easily be shipped and installed onboard

      High-availability connectivity for crew to purchase internet access on their personal devices

      Ability for service to be available globally, wherever vessels operate

    • Solution

      Fully managed 24 x 7 ‘Hotel style’ internet access on each ship

      Dedicated crew network on separate stabilized antenna offers backup to corporate network

      Customized tailored page for all users accessing the system with company branding

      Flexible and secure billing platform to pay for crew internet access (timed, per MB, etc.)

    • Outcome

      Dedicated separate system provides crew with reliable wireless access and eliminates the frustrations of competing network priorities

      Allows crew to browse the internet, send emails and keep in touch with family and friends over social media networks

      System successfully managing nearly 13,000 individual user accounts