We keep you connected.

    Our customers’ operations and the people who run them are a long way from home and need to be connected.

    At ITC Global, we bridge the gap by ensuring your global satellite communications and IT systems are performing securely and reliably, allowing you to focus on what is important without worrying about your connection.

    Guaranteed Satellite Connection

    What is the potential of LEO and MEO connectivity?

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    Are you ready to integrate Low and Medium Earth Orbit connectivity within your network solution? As a leading network integrator, ITC Global has a technology-agnostic strategy for ensuring we can provide you with the connectivity solution that best fits your needs.

    Why ITC Global Managed Services? Your people and remote systems need a reliable satellite connection 24/7.

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    Your data will be routinely and securely backed up by ITC Global for rapid restoration in case of system failure, lost, or corrupted data. With closely monitored systems your company will stop starting over because of lost data and instead focus on scaling and staying ahead of competitors.
    Cost Containment
    Cost Containment
    Typical IT department costs will be absorbed by ITC Global and presented at a fixed cost. Along with the subscription savings, a reliably run IT infrastructure saves you money in the long run by reducing outages and downtime with proactive monitoring and change management.
    Future Proof
    Future Proof
    With proactive monitoring, we get ahead of foreseeable needs, updates, and issues. From working with your carriers or vendors to implementation of changes, ITC Global anticipates your business challenges and acts to remove roadblocks from your team.
    The Right Size
    The Right Size
    With one source as your IT provider, your business can optimize its valuable resources: time, capital, and employee talent. As your business grows or changes, ITC Global follows suit to modify your solution. Offload the burden of IT to make room for your revenue-generating goals.

    Connection is now not an option...

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    with more and more business systems relying on constant technological connection, management, and upkeep. Most people don’t realize how pressure and stress, this reliance on a network is putting on both your infrastructure and IT team – who need to manage their existing duties, these new expectations, while also helping you to increase efficiency and support business growth.

    Reduce the burden of IT management with a customized & industry-focused Managed Services solution.

    • Energy
      From end-to-end satellite communications solutions customized for the unique requirements of companies in oil and gas exploration and production, to bespoke support packages to help your IT team plan for the future and focus on vital operations, we work with our companies to deliver solutions that scale to fit operations as they expand in scope and duration.
    • Cruise
      Passengers can rely on your vessel for seamless access to the people, places, digital entertainment, and web content that enrich their daily lives – no matter how far from shore. Cruise lines are busy 24/7 and need a reliable partner. From supporting complicated vessel technology to the day-to-day operations of running a ship, ITC Global is the partner you need for a successful day at sea.
    • Mining
      Mining companies need high-availability network solutions that offer guaranteed uptime to help support critical Integrated Remote Operations Centers (IROC) communications, achieve real-time automation, enhance safety in hazardous working environments, increase productivity, and extend mine life. ITC Global delivers complete end-to-end IT solutions for all phases of the mineral development cycle.

    Reduce your IT burden and focus on what's important.

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    ITC Global is the missing link between your business and success.

    We understand that without a connection your operation can’t run, your people are isolated, and your costs increase, which is why we focus on ensuring you have the strong network foundation that you need. Using the best technology in the market, we then help you grow with efficient processes, devoted IT teams, and reduced operational costs.

    Placing your network and systems needs with ITC Global reduces the stress and burden of digitalization and IT management. We bridge the gap by ensuring your global communications are performing securely and reliably. Your team of highly specialized experts can rely on our connection experts, so they can get back to your core business functions.

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    • “Communications are critical to providing streaming video for our ROVs (remote operated vehicles). ITC Global takes a proactive approach to recommending innovative designs that improve the quality and cost effectiveness of our service. We actually started to take for granted how well ITC Global’s services work.”

      Vice President of Group Marine Assets, Offshore Energy Services Company
    • “ITC Global worked closely with us to shape a solution that addressed our key business needs. They provided a fit-for purpose solution driven by cost-efficient ways of operating to help us get the most from our VSAT communications network.”

      IT Director, International Shallow Water Drilling Company
    • “ITC Global put to good use the experience they have gained in transitioning services away from previous providers. It was clear that ITC Global understood the complexities involved in the transition of our services.”

      Head of Offshore IT, Global Oil & Gas Production Company
    • “ITC Global worked with us to formulate a transition plan that was not only smooth and professional but also delivered short or no downtime. Offshore implementation has been completed in days with minimal disturbance to operations. ITC Global has also been flexible in accommodating unforeseen challenges.”

      Head of Offshore IT, Global Oil & Gas Production Company
    • “ITC Global worked closely with us to shape a solution that addressed our key business needs. They provided a fit-for-purpose solution driven by cost-efficient ways of operating to help us get the most from our VSAT communications network.”

      IT Director, International Shallow Water Drilling Company
    • “The ITC Global NOC team provided extra support as the training group tried to bring the VSAT system online as well, working with the [Emergency Response Unit] over several days. The support helped create an ideal training environment and gave the team a unique opportunity to work with the NOC to troubleshoot and work through a real-world field comms setup.”

      The American Red Cross
    • “The personal touch and attention to customer service has been excellent, whether it is business hours, after hours or the weekend. They go above and beyond, and we can even request specific technicians by name.”

      Vessel Manager, Offshore Energy Services Company
    • “I am impressed with the professionalism and progress made so far by the ITC Global team, especially in the short amount of time. There has been a significant amount of activity and all has happened seamlessly, without any significant problems.”

      IT Network Architect, Global Offshore Energy Services Company
    • “Often hear that what differentiates ITC Global from the competition is customer service. This was demonstrated by [your engineers] – nothing was too much work. Other vendors would have stopped, but [your team] was determined to get the service working and improvised to resolve the issues.”

      Vessel IT Manager, Offshore Supply Vessel Operator

    Leverage the world’s leading network integrator to enhance your remote operations

    How it works

    The Plan

    We can help you make the most of your network and infrastructure in 3 simple steps.

    • Initial call to understand your challenge

      We start with an initial discussion, to find out more about you and your operation. With dedicated workshops, we discover your pain points and goals.

    • Creation of your solution

      Your solution is created to meet your connection and infrastructure challenges. We refine your requirements and adjust the design as needed to move towards solution approval.

    • Implementation

      We work diligently to ensure a smooth transition to your new services. After implementation, you have ITC Global’s continued support.